Cerda CLI

Cerda’s command line interface.

Welcome to Cerda’s documentation. This tool will allow you to transfer the files that get rendered at renderfarm to either local disk or Dropbox account. Also there is a notification feature that allows you to get sent an email after a specific number of frames get rendered. Cool, innit?


This is intended to be used at NCCA labs only.

Follow these steps in the labs. I wrote how to install pip locally because we don’t have sudo privileges, pity. No worries it is literally 3 lines of code as I like to keep things simple.


This tool is in early stage. Please contribute reporting issues on http://github.com/docwhite/cerda or directly by speaking to that Spanish shy guy in the labs, or drop me an email blanquer.ramon@gmail.com

Upcoming features:

  • Direct integration with Qube: There will be no need to do all the steps to dispatch the job to the render farm.
  • Improved mail formatting with thumbnails of what has been rendered.

Happy rendering folks! Ramon Blanquer / docwhite

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